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See readme below for full details:

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       ///                    \\
      //// Environ-Skin Demo! \\
     /////         by         \\\
     \\\     Dead  Bwoy     /////
      \\                    ////

	  BETA version 0.5 demo

 |          ***IMPORTANT***            |
 |	These instructions are for     |
 |czero: steam version only!  I don't  |
 |think cfg.dll works with czero       |
 |retail.  Also, a seperate CZ:TOD     |
 |version will also be released on     |
 |final release as a part of a new     |
 |template mission pack for CZ:TOD!    |
 |cfg.dll is not needed to use the     |
 |environ-skin method of map-specific  |
 |modeling.  It's all done in the map/ |
 |command portion of the career game   |
 |.vdf's!                              |
 |	DO NOT redistribute these      |
 |player models!!!  The models and     |
 |their skins are property of VALVe/   |
 |Ritual and are intended ONLY for     |
 |use by owners of "Counter-Strike:    |
 |Condition Zero."                     |
 |          ***IMPORTANT***            |

 Installation Instructions:
	Extract these files to 
   your Condition Zero/
   folder.  It should be
   located in your Steam/

 ||     Comments:        ||
      This zip file
 contains the first version
 of Environ-Skin BETA.
 This mod, or add-on, or
 whatever you want to call
 it, Lets you choose which
 type of camo you'd like to
 wear for the map,
 replacing the model
 selection menus with the
 camo selection menus.

      The Leet Suits have
 not been included yet.
 Coming soon, will be
 Jungle and Urban camo

      You may re-distribute
 this file only to
 "Counter-Strike: Condition
 Zero" owners and only in
 its unmodified state.

                     Revision Log:

 BETA v0.5 demo

Includes czero/dlls/cfg.dll:
		executes .cfg's with the same name as the
	loading map.  ex: server executes <map>.cfg on
	level change, which contains console commands.
	See czero/de_dust_cz.cfg in notepad for details.
	Also includes custom czero/liblist.gam to direct
	the game to load cfg.dll

Includes edited menu files:
- czero/titles.txt - for classic style menus.
- czero/resource/czero_english.txt - for VGUI menus.

Includes 4 player models:
- czero/models/player/gsg9/gsg9.mdl
	Desert GSG9 model
- czero/models/player/leet/leet.mdl
	Desert Arctic model
- czero/models/player/terror/terror.mdl
	Arctic GSG9 model
- czero/models/player/urban/urban.mdl
	Arctic Arctic model

Includes VGUI Thumbnails:
- czero/gfx/vgui/gsg9
	for Arctic GSG9
- czero/gfx/vgui/leet
	for Arctic ARCTIC
- czero/gfx/vgui/terror
	for Desert GSG9
- czero/gfx/vgui/urban
	for Desert ARCTIC

Includes 4 config files
for the desert maps:
- de_dust_cz
- de_dust2_cz
And the arctic maps:
- de_vostok_cz
- cs_office_cz

Includes custom, edited czero/BotProfile.db
	- custom names
	- custom skill
	- uses difficulty setting and skin
	     setting to manipulate the bots
	     skins.  See the file and the
	     documents located in:

Includes re-configurable convar files:
- listenserver.cfg
- server.cfg (for dedicated server, HLDS or SteamDS)

Includes this readme!  version 1.0



Dead Bwoy
Site Manager
Author of the CSBot Custom nav file editing tutorial:
AKA Pepe7373 @ the Steam Forums.

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