Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

With its extensive Tour of Duty campaign, a near-limitless number of skirmish modes, updates and new content for Counter-Strike's award-winning multiplayer game play, plus over 12 bonus single player...

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All Files Sorted by Name A-Z
Name Rating Filesize Downloads
*-=C4=-*$nake 56KB 845
aim_ak-colt2_cz 529KB 7,571
aim_aztecarena_cz 165KB 5,348
AMD Steam Skin 246KB 1,823
as_shelter 108KB 1,034
Black and Grey Steam Skin 76KB 1,024
Black and White Steam Skin 71KB 717
Bleu Style 146KB 484
Camo Commander GSG9 633KB 1,163
clan sj cz desert camo models 11.82MB 1,992
Condition Zero Gameplay Footage 10.24MB 4,825
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Interview + Preview. 43.64MB 2,178
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Preview Trailer... 30.27MB 10,911
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Wallpaper 149KB 2,102
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Wallpaper 73KB 654
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Wallpaper #2 149KB 725
CPL Steam Skin 74KB 3,751
CS Source Preview 45.69MB 884
cs_alhambra 126KB 361
cs_assault_cz 73KB 2,833
cs_assault_upc 93KB 457
cs_assault23 99KB 629
cs_crimetown 52KB 448
cs_desperados 212KB 332
cs_duke2k 135KB 275
cs_mexicali 111KB 291
cs_pipeline nav file 402KB 542
cs_rio 141KB 772
cs_robbery 103KB 424
CS: Condition Zero - AK47 Replacement 689KB 2,515
CS: Condition Zero - G36 Replaces AUG& SG552 3.33MB 2,459
CS: Condition Zero - Trailer Two 23.36MB 8,700
CS: Condition Zero Counter Terrorist Spray 2.02MB 1,955
CS: Condition Zero Custom M4 for Mp5 1.66MB 2,003
CS: Condition Zero DE Dead1st Map 706KB 9,270
CS: Condition Zero Desktop Wallpaper 304KB 704
CS: Condition Zero Wallpaper 116KB 873
CS: CZ Dentons Soundpack 1.76MB 1,446
CS: Source High Society Nav File 209KB 176
CS:CZ Boxoffice2K Nav Points 533KB 141
CS:CZ DE Wimbeldon Nav Points 736KB 123
CS:CZ Highsociety Nav Points 660KB 124
CSBot custom nav pack 4.07MB 1,378
CSBot custom nav pack 3.04MB 2,858
CSBot custom nav pack 3.49MB 1,186
CSCZFiles Steam Skin 42KB 3,175
cz_retaliation Terrorist add-on mission for Deleted Scenes 14.22MB 3,387
de_airstrip 124KB 265
de_airstrip_cz 92KB 182
de_alps 201KB 340
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