South Downs Lines

V1.1. South Downs Lines V1.2 Part 1 of 2 - (Route, including EKBL Assets and Rollingstock Retextures by myself) This...


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V1.1. South Downs Lines V1.2 Part 1 of 2 - (Route, including EKBL Assets and Rollingstock Retextures by myself) This won't overwrite the original V1.0 or V1.1 of the East Kent Branch Line for those that still have it (to be honest it wasn't a very good route - it was my second attempt at a route! - since then i have learnt a fair bit so hopefully this one is far better :) ) A fictional route based in East Kent around three towns that are named after real life towns in East Kent, although are completely fictional. Originally made in a month for the second route building challenge now has been extended in both directions from the original Branch Line Between Dover Central and Canterbury South. From Dover Central the route now finishes at Dover Docks which is a terminal station with a small EMU Yard / Sidings, with another station called Dover Parkway in between which is a split level station with the lower level being the 3rd rail lines, and the higher level being an overhead powered line mainly just for show. At the other end of the route the Branch Line is now extended to Canterbury Parkway, a combined through line and terminal station, which also connects the other new line from Dover Central. This station has 7 platforms including 3 Terminal bay platforms There are now three lines included with the route, while two were included for the most part in the first version both have been extended. East Kent Branch Line Dover Central - Adisham - Bekesbourne - Folkestone East - Folkestone Central - Aylesham - Canterbury South - *Canterbury Parkway* Ashford Direct Line *Dover Docks* - *Dover Parkway* - Dover Central - *Folkestone West* - Folkestone Central - Towards Ashford and London South Downs Line *Dover Docks* - *Dover Parkway* - Dover Central - -*Carcomb* - *Canterbury Parkway* - Towards London Diesel Line out of Canterbury Parkway - *Canterbury Catherdral* (not much there only really for AI) * = New Station *Notes* Just to note though the track hasn't changed that much but I did have a few unfortunate glitches when updating the route meaning that any scenarios for the East Kent Branch Line probably won't work on this route, the viaduct between Folkestone East and Bekesbourne has been relaid (and is straight rather than curly!) and I had to replace the whole of platform 3 at Dover Central due to having a strange bend in the middle (a right angle!) Also there are a few sections where the gradient points couldn't be fixed including unfortunately one in the tunnel between Dover Central and Canterbury Parkway (Via the south downs lines). I tried to fix it but i gave up after several hours of trying and breaking almost everything in that area :(. Created by Daniel Leach Special Thanks Derek Siddle for Making the original signs for the east kent branch line route. Richard Scott for allowing me to use the District Line Ticket Barriers in my route. Also thanks to Darren Porter, Jeff Douglas, Siegfried Derks, Jim Nobbs, Niall Wallace, Darren Kent and Mundo for allowing me to include their assets in the route. INSTALLATION You will need the Following Payware WCML North from Steam - Portsmouth Direct Line from Steam - (note: The UK Builders Pack is included with the above routes so you won't need to download this separately) You will need the Following Freeware Freeware Requirements (included in Asset File - separate file) *14 Wall Reskins UKTS File = 24604 *Chainlink Fence Kit - UKTS File = 21632 *Clutter Pack - V3.0 (Rolling Updates) - UKTS File = 19678 *DPSimulation Glass Shelter Pack 01 - UKTS File = 27435 *Foliage Pack 1 SAD UKTS File = 23167 *Footbridge kit - UKTS File = 23174 *LNWR 3D Track - UKTS File = 23146 *Objects Construction Site UKTS File = 18933 *Railworks - Information Board Pack- UKTS File = 22167 *Trackless Box Tunnels UKTS File = 24273 *Signs (Pack 2) Safety Signs UKTS File = 22890 *Sad's Tunnel - (* included all of file) Guard Rails and Grey Fencing from Cresston (only these included) (but I highly recommend the route, Cresston is a brilliant route) 1. Install the route with the built-in package manager. 2. Install the assets with the built in package manager. (separate file on ukts or separately from the list above!) 2. Have Fun ;) Any problems or faults please contact me via email or the UKTS Forum. Permissions --- This File may only be hosted on UKTrainsim or or, it cannot be hosted anywhere else with out permission this includes those sites that distribute illegal files! (I won't mention names here though - but for the latter you won't get permission). I only say this because i'd like to know where my files are I have nothing against other sites hosting the files just would like to know first!Danny Leach Danny3 on the forums

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